In 1965, George Stevens directed a famous movie titled “The Greatest Story Ever Told”. And indeed it was because it told the story of the life of Jesus Christ from the Nativity to the Ascension.

And speaking of stories, there was a man during World War 2 that bailed out of a burning B-17 right before it exploded over Wilhelmshaven, Germany. He knew what awaited him as a POW on the ground and briefly thought of not opening his parachute as he fell towards the Earth.

But he did open it.

And as he floated closer to the ground, he found himself over a country lake that surely would have drowned him because of all of his heavy flight gear and parachute apparatus.

But just before hitting the lake, the warm air rising up off of the lake filled his chute and literally carried him up over the water until reaching land. He was soon arrested by the Gestapo and eventually interned in the infamous Stalag Luft 3 prison camp where he would spend the next three years.

This was the same prison camp which was depicted in the movie The Great Escape. And in that movie, there was a scene in which three Americans celebrated the 4th of July in front of the British. One of those men depicted in that scene (i.e. the drummer) was the same man who was saved by the grace of God from drowning in the aforementioned lake.

This author knows this to be a true story because the man depicted in the movie was his late father. And had he not pulled the chord on his chute, this author would never have been born.

Now that story is known by you because someone just told it to you. But what of the billions of stories around the globe which you have not heard?

Has anyone heard your story? Maybe many have heard your testimony of being born again, but have they heard of all the intricate twists and turns that make up the story of your life?

Probably not!

Think of all the millions which make up the body of Christ … and their stories have never been told.

Only God knows all of the details of your life … all of the miracles, the trials, the tears, the intimate times of joy while communicating with the Father. These are all hidden from public view except for those times when His glory purposefully emanates from the light of Christ in you … either in the form of fellowship among the brethren or in special situations to a lost and dying world.

Every cup of cold water given to a thirsty soul, every hug or glance of encouragement expressed to a stranger, every minute spent in the solitude of one’s prayer closet is written in a Book … never to be forgotten by God or to go unrewarded.

Even now, you are unable to comprehend all of the stories and actions of your own life that are being played out on the stage of the Kingdom of God because…

“…ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God.” (Colosians 3:3)


“…when Christ, who is (your) life, shall appear, then shall (you) also appear with him in glory.” (Colosians 3:4)

Then your story (along with millions of others) shall be published in God! And His rewards will be joyfully received by the faithful.

“Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.” (1Corinthians 15:58)


“…be thou faithful unto death, and (God) will give (you) a crown of life.” (Revelation 2:10)