Because David Icke comes from a New Age perspective, this author does not agree with many of his perspectives concerning the spiritual nature of the Universe. Some of which can be heard about 60 minutes into the following video presentation which we are sharing in this post.

He does, however, succinctly and accurately “connect the dots” to a hidden agenda behind the prince of the power of the air, Satan.

The “Spider” that he refers to (which currently seeks to control the secular aspects of human society) is indeed a very small group of individuals. But the “soul” of that spider is Satan himself.

He covers a lot in a brief amount of time, and the uninitiated in these matters may have to view it several times in order for it to make sense to them.

Regardless of his prognosis for 2021, as Christians we need not fear. We have the Spirit of Christ within us which also fills our hearts with a hope which far surpasses any agenda that our common enemy may try to thrust upon us.

May the Lord hasten the day for which the “whole creation groaneth” until now … to witness the “manifestation of the sons of God”, to wit: the redemption of our bodies and the receiving of our inheritance in the Saints.


2021 – Where from here? – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast – David Icke


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