As all Christians know, Paul the Apostle wrote “letters” to the churches which contained exhortations and instructions that, hopefully, would direct and encourage those in the Body of Christ.

Recently, a dear Sister in the Lord received a response from a Brother in the Lord that disagreed with her position concerning a recent Newsmax article which provided evidence of a “rigged election” through the use of the controversial Dominion & Smartmatic software during our recent Presidential election.

She was trying to explain to this Brother how: “There is no doubt that we are seeing a ravaging of our Constitutional, Human and God-Given rights in this era.”

Here is the letter in its entirety with only a few sentences and/or words removed/added for “readability” purposes. The reason we find this letter exceptional is its composition is written in the heart-felt style that Paul might have written to any individual 2,000 years ago … the letter to Philemon being a good example.

Though its substance is mostly “political”, the nuances contain worthwhile “spiritual” influences and implications.


Well you said quite a lot bro’. You have actually invited me to do the proverbial iron-sharpening exercise. That opens the gates for intelligent discussion which I also welcome. I agree that a genuine exchanging of perspectives can be beneficial. 

The problem arises when vitriol is traded for wisdom and that’s a common phenomenon. That’s the low arena that I habitually side-step but you are offering a higher grade and I’m trusting the offer.

Anyway since your response was so broad I’m going to focus on this one section if that’s okay … [you wrote]:

“I have no assumptions about the matter, but I would appreciate your enlightenment on what “Constitutional, Human and God-Given rights” in this era are being ravaged. Also, what is the span of “this era”? In other words, when did it begin?”

I mean no disrespect when I say it is surprising that you ask that question being an evidently smart guy…both in the world and in the Word. But establishing the meaning or definition of terms is a basic for honest discussion so I will define the terms at your request: Constitutional, Human & God-Given Rights Being Ravaged


Freedom of Speech 

So-called “Leftist” screes of the most horrifying nature are left untouched; while FB, YT, Twitter etc bans and deplatforms anyone who does not “fit the ‘Leftist’ mold”; the President himself is censored on these platforms and they are the 21st c equivalent of the public square

Equality Before the Law 

Men and women defending their homes, their families, their own person are jailed and fined, while rioters and criminals are NOT and are even being released from prison on a regular basis

Right to Protect our Property & Businesses in a Free Market

Walmart stays open while the corner grocer goes broke; McDonald’s does a good business within the massive constraints of 2020 while entrepreneurial restaurants suffer irretrievable loss and go broke

Right to Privacy Protecting Us from Unlawful Search and Seizure 

Gyms, Churches, Restaurants are invaded and shutdown, the owners fined beyond survival and even jailed…while Amazon and other privileged org’s double or triple their profits under standards that conveniently benefit their business model

Right to Pursuit of Happiness 

Almost impossible under the current draconian lock-down restrictions, the invasion of our very persons with penalties, fines, arrests over the enforcement of face-covering, distancing, other new rules to keep us separate and isolated

Right to Life 

As much as that’s being crushed here in the States with rising suicides, child abuse, drug & alcohol addiction as the result of the lockdowns: in the under-developed nations like for instance the Philippines and parts of the African Continent…starvation is rising in the millions

Right to the Sanctity of our Persons 

Being disregarded by the impending demand for vaccination and masking in order to travel, buy, sell, or interact with family, friends and the world at large


That’s just to mention a few examples. I could write a book on the distortion and limitations on our freedoms of movement and freedoms of communication but I’m limiting myself with respect for your time.

People are going broke. Cities are burned and boarded up. It is all so blatant.

As for when it started: I’d say it started in the Garden with a certain snake-like character. But the most recent magnification of offenses began in March of this year with the brilliant idea of certain so-called “experts”: demanding that a “virus” should be cured by the destruction of the World Economy.

So I’ve moved away from the topic of the election. I could say a lot about that too: but I’m guessing your mind’s made up there.

[I don’t like to bloody myself against any brick walls :)]

The massive destruction of our freedoms in every aspect of daily life is absolutely in our faces. So again, I’m merely defining my terms as you requested. Whereas demonstrating the oppression seems hardly necessary.

We may or may not be able to “get sharper” through this process. But, at any rate, I’m taking your invitation to conversation in all honesty and in trust for your integrity.

Will cease for now….