Rather than write an article concerning this subject, we thought it would be easier (and more informative) to present a few videos from sources that have already covered this topic in an intelligent and factual manner. The following deals mostly with China’s up and coming social credit system, which will eventually be united under one Orwellian umbrella to completely control its populace.

It’s important to realize that similar data collection programs are currently in effect in the United States and other countries around the world. Eventually, these seemingly independent programs will become fully operational and united on a global level, giving rise to the Beast system prophesied in the Book of Revelation.

What seemed like science fiction just a few short years ago is quickly becoming a mainstream reality in our day to day lives.



Our first video deals specifically with the subtle rise of North America’s dependency on Smart Phone technology, but can certainly be applied to other nations around the world. The first nine minutes is the author addressing comments posted on her channel concerning a previous video she made suggesting the discontinued use of Smart Phones. But afterwards, she quickly provides evidence for her stance on the subject.



This next video deals with the gradual progression of America’s use of data collection, particularly in the realm of law enforcement. However, it does not require much imagination or discernment to realize how rapidly this rise in everyday surveillance could be expanded into every area of our lives (i.e. medical, financial, residential, and personal).



This video is a brief look at Shenzhen’s pilot program to eliminate all forms of cash, debit and credit cards. If the symbol between the 3:00 to 4:30 minute marks looks familiar, it’s because it is already widely in use in North America, Britain and the European Union.



This video provides a more detailed look at what is currently happening in China, and what its future social structure will look like after they have perfected it and implemented it nationwide … affecting all of its 1.2 billion people … which they are projecting will happen sometime in the 2020’s!



The following is a perspective of China from the personal viewpoint of an independent German journalist who has lived in the country for years. He provides an intimate look into its culture, and how China’s social credit system affects its everyday citizens. It’s probably the most insightful video in this article, due to its street level presentation.

Unless you understand the German language, it’s suggested that you turn the volume down a little as to not distract too much from its content, while remembering to click on the YouTube “subtitles”. Though it is more laborious to read the subtitles, the nuanced information contained within its walls is well worth the effort. In fact, if one were to exclude the dystopian “Asian” element, this could very well be ordinary people and locations within the United States. The old idea of a backward and poverty-ridden Chinese society is absolutely extinct!


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