Out of the 100’s (maybe 1000’s) of movies that you’ve watched in your lifetime, let us suggest that you don’t miss this one!

It’s a true story about a young German lady who took a stand! She and her companions accomplished more in an honorable fashion within a few months than a lot of Christians will accomplish in their lifetimes.

The movie was not made as a Hollywood, money-making “blockbuster”. In fact, it wasn’t made in Hollywood at all. It was made in Germany as a biographical tribute to the fortitude, bravery and faith of a few young individuals who gave their lives in the midst of insurmountable odds.

As you watch it, keep your eyes, ears and heart open to the Holy Ghost. This film may just portend coming events in your own life!

.Sophie Scholl: The Final Days (Full Film) – YouTube

After watching, you may find it interesting to read this factual commentary about her on Wikipedia:

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